The Amazon Has Experienced A Process Of Urbanization Essay

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During the last two decades, the Amazon has experienced a process of urbanization concomitant with creation of indigenous lands and protected areas in rural forests. There are collective efforts by traditional rural communities to have their territorial rights acknowledged and to have alternative forms of development based on their culture (Hall, 1997; Little, 2002b; Almeida, 2004; Schwartzman and Zimmerman, 2005). However, there is a lack of services and economic opportunities in rural areas, and as a result, there is a proliferation of examples of intensified rural-urban interactions as a strategy to diversify livelihood options and to access urban resources (Padoch et al. 2008; Pinedo-Vasquez and Padoch 2009; Brondizio 2011), which is also happening worldwide (De Haan and Zoomers, 2005; De Haas 2007; Thieme 2008; Tacoli and Mabala 2010; Brandao and Zoomers 2010; Elmhirst and Resurreccion 2012).
Indigenous peoples have historically moved around in large rural territories defined in part by political and economic processes (Alexiades 2009; Pinedo-Vasquez and Padoch 2009) and in part by seasonality (Winklerprins 2002b). The demarcation of legal territories for some groups has in turn been strategic for purposes of providing secure land claims, access to natural resources and social reproduction. Indigenous territories are considered part of a larger strategy of rainforest conservation (Nepstad et al. 2006). While there are several studies in the Amazon that focus on how…

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