The Amazing Woman Of Vera Ione Kinney Essay

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To have lived well, laughed often and loved much
To have gained the respect of intelligent men and the love of children
To have filled a niche and accomplished a task
To have left the world better and to have appreciated earth’s beauty and not failed to express it
To have looked for the best in others and to have given the best of yourself
That is achievement.

We mourn the passing, celebrate the life and reflect upon the achievements of this amazing woman, Vera Ione Kinney. It is our hope that every part of our time together will honor Ione’s life and pay tribute to her memory.

We gather as family and friends of Ione’s, to serve as a circle of support for each other as we reflect on her life. We are here to stand with her son Bill and his wife Angela; her son Joe; her brother, Richard and his wife Lynn; her grandson, Doug and his wife Elizabeth and her grandson, Nicholas.

You have lost someone very special and we pledge to be with you as you acknowledge your loss and what it means to you.

Lily Tomlin, regarding her mother, said “She lived eighty lives in one”.
The same could be said concerning Ione.

Ione’s energetic manner, characterized by the quickness in her step and her refusal to never sit around, made this quite possible.

Ione was the first born child of Joseph and Lois (Summers) Hopper. Three years later, she became the big sister with the arrival of her brother, Richard.

Tragedy entered her family’s life, as her father died, when Ione was six years old.…

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