The Amazing Success of Haagen-Dazs in Shanghai Essay

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Date: December 6th 2010
The Amazing Success of Haagen-Dazs in Shanghai
Haagen-Dazs ice cream, why is it so popular among Chinese people? The main purpose of this research is to understand the reason of Haagen-Dazs being so famous and popular in China, Haagen-Dazs’s success comes from how they managed to sell the Ice cream to the Chinese consumers, the brand is not selling just ice cream they are also selling luxury and status. Some important elements for this research are to have knowledge about the ice cream market in China and also to know who is the competition for Haagen-Dazs in China. The competitions are brands that offer the same quality and same range of prices but that don’t offer an extra thing to the
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2.1 Who is the competition? Cold Stone creamery is an American company dedicated to produce and sell ice cream, it was first established in Tempe, Arizona in 1988 (The Cold Stone Creamery Story). The Cold Stone company expanded all around the United States in 1995, and then became an international company opening stores in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Mexico, Qatar, Bahrain, Denmark and China (The Cold Stone Creamery Story). Although in Asia Cold Stone is not as popular as Haagen-Dazs it is still known as one of the franchises that’s growing really fast and it is considered as a competitor to Haagen-Dazs. Cold Stone’s story started in China in November 2006 when the company reached an agreement with the President Chain Store Corp. to open 105 stores in China and 60 stores in Taiwan over the seven years after the opening of the first store (Clark, Jami). On April 26 2007 Cold Stone Creamery opened its first store in Shanghai and almost four years after the opening of the first store Cold Stone has opened 42 stores in China.
2.2 A small comparison. Although Cold Stone is relatively new in China the company has managed to enter the market and to make the Chinese population become their clients, the brand offers fresh ice cream made daily in the stores with ingredients of the best quality and also gives the client the opportunity to create their own ice cream with many flavors and toppings to choose, the stores in China also sell a variety of baked

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