The Amazing Penguin Survival Analysis

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The amazing penguin rescue and
The seabird chronicle

According to “The amazing penguin rescue” and “The seabird chronicle”, the oil spills are hurting more than 41,000 little penguins. When the penguins were getting sick in the oil spills tons of thousands of people started helping to save the penguins. “The amazing penguin rescue” and “The seabird chronicle” have similarities and differences such as the conflict and how the setting creates a specific mood of the story. One similarity between “The amazing penguin rescue” and “The seabird chronicle” is the conflict. Both stories conflict is character vs. environment. In “The seabird chronicle”, the penguins are struggling because of they were trying to preen their feathers to get rid
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In “The amazing penguin rescue”, dozen of people capture the little penguins to protect them but the people are just trying to get the poisonous oil off of the penguins and the setting creates a mood of heartbroken. An example is, “All across the beach,dozens of people are capturing penguins, enduring excruciating bites and wing slaps as they load terrified birds into crates. It is painful,exhausting work, and the sight of all of these scared and injured penguins is heartbreaking to the humans”(Tarshis 16). This confirms my mood of heartbroken,because while the penguins are covered with oil they still can be saved by the humans. The humans risk getting hurt just to save the penguins from getting sick and dieing. In contrast, in “The seabird chronicle” the people make little sweat shirts for the little penguins to keep oil off of them when they dive into the oily water and to keep them warm this setting creates a mood of love. An example is, “The sweatshirts did the trick, warming the penguins and keeping them from preening. This bought workers time to carefully clean the oil from each bird. Over time the birds grew strong and healthy. Eventually, the penguins were well enough to return to the wild”(Lewis 19). This confirms my mood of love because people took the time to work with these animals and save them from this oil pollution that was killing them and to get a experience to be will wild animals. In summary, these two stories have settings that create two distinct

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