Summary Of Jenius The Amazing Guinea Pig

The book that I have chosen is called Jenius The Amazing guinea Pig by Dick King-Smith and illustrated by Brain Floca. This book is a chapter book with seven chapters, but even though it is a chapter book it has pictures along with it. This book is a very funny book about a little girl and her guinea pig. This little girl named Judy had two guinea pigs and one day they had one little baby. She had told her class she could train a guinea pig and she was made fun of so she thought this was the perfect opportunity to prove them wrong. She spent all summer vacation teaching her little pet guinea pig named Jenius how to do many tricks. She taught him how to come, sit, stay, play dead and balance a cookie on his nose. No one believed her when she told them of her smart guinea pig and at school he fainted because of a cat so they still thought she was lying. When she got home her dad didn't believe her to so she showed him and he was in awe at what the little guinea pig …show more content…
Having something you are so proud of is an amazing feeling and that's how Judy felt about her smart guinea pig. She wanted to show and tell everyone about Jenius and what he could do. I can relate to this because I use to have a strange little pet who I taught to do things that I was so proud of. I use to have a pet grasshopper that I found before winter. I put him in a big glass box with flowers, dirt and water. Every day I would put fresh lettuce in his cage and try to get him to eat out of my hand. After so long I got him to eat out of my hand. He would sit in the cage and wait for me every day and I would hold a leaf in my hand over his head and he would eat it. I would tell everyone about this even if it wasn't the most amazing thing. I kept the grasshopper till summer when it eventually died. I was so proud of keeping it for so long I would until people about this too. I didn't brag about it like Judy did , however. The bragged about how amazing, her guinea pig was, even though it was

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