The Alternative Health Care System Essay

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Prior to the rise in research of scientifically based medicine during the 19th century, practitioners prescribed herbal remedies regularly. Pharmaceutical scientists developed new forms of drugs that were believed to be more effective than most naturopathic remedies. More patients were relying on these new medical products since many had been proven effective. By the late 20th century, multiple CAM therapies had still not been explored and examined in clinical trials, unlike majority of other newly discovered medical devices. Conventional doctors and practitioners typically use forms of alternative medicine in manner that’s complementary to the standard medical system. unfortunately, the alternative health care system is being negatively impacted by modern day practitioners. First, alternative medicine is becoming less traditional and more evidence based. Second, conventional practitioners have changed or incorporated forms of alternative medicine into their practices. Finally, the complementary and alternative medicine system is not supported by conventional practitioners or researchers. Modern day understandings continue to negatively change the traditional medicine system for these reasons.

The holistic approach of alternative medicine examines one’s health as a balancing of the mind, body and spirit. Unlike conventional doctors, alternative practitioners focus on spiritual aspects to heal patients. The standard health care system is evidence based medicine.…

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