The Alternative For Non Violent Offenders Essay

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Richard, I concede with many of your points, however, on others we will have to agree to disagree. Traditional rehabilitation has proven ineffective, resulting in high recidivism rates. Prisons are necessary to incapacitate violent offenders and /or career criminals; however, there are better alternatives for non-violent offenders who are not career criminals. Sentences for low level, non-violent offenders need to be commensurated according to the harm caused; ergo, measuring the effects on the victim, the community, and the rehabilitative needs of the offender. Juvenile Court Judge, Anthony Capizzi, of Montgomery County, Ohio commented, “You have to spend money to save money. Soft-cost issues are tough to prove economically, but the reality is, by keeping a child out of prison, we save this county $170,000.00 a year” (JPL, 2014, p.39). The consequences of disproportionate confinement can expediently affect a youths’ mental health, education, employment opportunities, relationships, possible recidivism, and productivity which will follow him/her for their entire lives.
I do have to disagree with the statement, “Juvenile court sanctions have become harsher, with longer sentences and the increase in use of incarceration (Scott & Steinberg, 2008). On June 25, 2012, in Graham v. Florida, The United States Supreme Court, in a landmark decision, placed limitations on life sentences without possibility of parole for juveniles charged with Part II offenses (non-violent…

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