The Almost Christian By William Wesley Essay

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“The Almost Christian” – This is one of Wesley’s sermons from 1741 in which he illustrates what nominal or “almost” Christians look like as compared to the real, “altogether” Christians. Firstly, he identifies common traits of the “almost” Christians by saying that they have heathen honesty, sincerity, and that they are very much so focused on possessing the “form of godliness” or rather the outward appearance of a Christian. These people may approach the faith and perform the mechanics of it correctly and have good intentions, but their hearts are not really in it. They do not have true faith and love in their hearts, as the real Christians do. The true Christians have first the overwhelming love for God and then for their neighbor. The reason why “altogether” Christians do any good work is because they have true faith in their hearts that in effect influences their actions to do good. Wesley begs his congregation to examine their own hearts in order to determine which category they fall into – altogether, almost, or not even almost Christians. “One Thing Needful” – This is one of Wesley’s unpublished sermons from 1734 in which he specifies what the one thing is that all of humanity should be concerned with – the “renewal of our fallen nature.” Since humanity is fallen because of its outward and inward corruption that is caused by sin, the sole purpose and focus of all human beings should be the effort to return to the state that humanity was in before the fall of…

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