Essay about The Allied Powers During The World War II

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Throughout the war the allied powers had tried different approaches at the initial landings on foreign soils, they have been pushed by rail, by air, by sea, and by parachute. Not one had been one hundred percent successful, prior to Operation Husky, the allied powers decided during the Casablanca planning conference that the primary invasion tool would be an amphibious landing with additional paratrooper forces pushed inland the night before, with hopes of knocking out axis pill boxes and defense batteries . The paratroopers dropped during the night of July 9th and into the early morning of the 10th, with the bad weather of winds and rains, the paratrooper invasion was not going to be a big success with the push inland from the beaches . With Russia and Stalin battling the axis powers in the east and being too late in the year to start the crossing of the English Channel for the invasion of France, Sicily was the best solution to keep pushing the axis powers, mainly Germany, back to central Europe for the last push in ending the war in Europe. With Sicily the next stop in the push to mainland Europe, and the battle in Africa dwindling down the allied forces could pull troops and supplies from Africa and use them in the upcoming battle. As the invasion moved across Sicily, Italian forces where giving up left and right, not wanting to support Mussolini and his fascist party, as well as the Germans had begun to start back tracking north eastward towards the straight…

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