The Allegory Of The Cave Essay examples

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Reality is an Illusion As we continue watching reality television even though we know that what we’re looking at isn’t ultimately really real, we somehow convince ourselves that it is. Philosopher Albert Einstein suggests, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” In other words, when we watch reality television a lot of times we forget that what we 're seeing isn 't really real. There are a lot of people out there that think that what they see on reality television is real life and it 's not, it is all carefully scripted and cut and put together. In contrast, in The Allegory of The Cave, The Truman Show, and Less than Zero people willingly accept false representations of reality because they have an implicit need for things to be easy and non-thought out.

In allegory of the cave, a group of prisoners have been confined in a cave since birth and are only allowed to see the shadows of things, until one day one of the prisoners is freed and goes outside for the first time seeing everything the way it really is. Once the prisoner returns to the cave to share his discovery the other prisoners are too ignorant and blind to believe what he has seen because they have never been outside before. The passage reads, “And they would say that his visit to the upper world had ruined his sight, and that the ascent was not worth even attempting.” (Plato 243) The other prisoners think that his journey has made him stupid, and violently resist any attempts to free…

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