Essay On Allegory In The Crucible

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Hundreds of people falsely accused of believing in something they may not even believe in. This happened in the book The Crucible and during the Red Scare. The Crucible by Arthur Miller is an allegory for the Red Scare in the McCarthy era because they both revolve around false accusations and differing opinions or beliefs. These false accusations lead to people being wrongly questioned and left them living in fear simply due to their opinion and beliefs. In the Mccarthy era, and in the book The Crucible, people were found guilty for believing in communism and doing witchcraft based off of false accusations made by people trying to protect themselves.

Many people lived in fear of being accused of acts they did not do. Here is a quote from The Crucible I found about fear, “let him look to medicine and put out all thought of unnatural causes here. There be none”. (Miller I.9). This quote was said by Parris. It shows the fear of witchcraft was real during that time period and people were desperate to hide any questions about what happened in the woods. This is just like how
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Abigail did in The Crucible. Here is a quote that shows how Abigail protects herself by blaming others “ I danced with the devil; I saw him; I wrote in his book; I go back to jesus; I kiss his hand”. (Miller I.48) This quote was said by Abigail right before she started to accuse others of witchcraft. It also shows she was a symbol for the hysteria because she decided to protect her name by confessing and accusing other people. Right before the McCarthy era began, Joseph McCarthy gained power in the senate, then he starts his anti-communist crusade and accuses more than 200 people of believing in and participating in communism in America. He protects himself by accusing others of believing in communism, and since he has power in the senate, people believe him and don't think he has anything to do with

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