The Aliens Are Coming ! Essay

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The Aliens Are Coming! “Illegal Alien, also called an undocumented alien, is a noncitizen living in a country without the proper immigration documents,” explains the World Book Student (DeFrank N.p). Every single day, there are tons of illegal immigrants trying to cross the border into the United States of America. Ever since the beginning of America, there were always immigrants wanting to find a new life in America. The Science Online database explains that “These movements [immigrations] spread culture, language, and trade goods, as well as infections” (Immigration and Incidence N.p). The interesting thing is nobody in America is American; however, outside of America they can be called so. Everyone who lives in America is an immigrant or a descendant of an immigrant. In fact, Mr. Morrow of USA Today explains that “It’s the amazing blend of colors and cultures that make up the American people,” (Morrow 5). It is not the immigration that is the problem, but the illegal immigration. It is a known fact that illegal immigration has been a problem for a long time; however, there are many solutions including deploying more agents in more places, shortening the application process, and building a wall.
Illegal immigration is not just one of those controversial topics - it is the main problem in the USA. In a popular World Geography and Culture online poll, “Americans were also more likely to list immigration, including illegal immigration, as the nation’s most pressing problem,…

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