The Alienation Of Ethnic And African Diaspora Essay

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This film study will define the alienation of ethnic and racial perspective in the Jewish and African Diaspora as defined in Wondrous Oblivion (2003). The main character, David Wiseman (Sam Smith), is a young Jewish boy that is living in a predominantly protestant white English society. David loves the sport of cricket, which a new neighbor from Jamaica, Dennis Samuels (Delroy Lindo), teaches him in an effort to adapt him to this type of culture. Dennis’ background as a member of the African Diaspora of the Windrush generation is a major part of social advancement, which threatens the native English family, the Wilsons. Dennis must endure racial marginalization as a member of the black working classes in a predominantly white English neighborhood, which also poses a threat to David, as white boy of Jewish ethnicity. In both cases, Dennis and David must overcome alienation through racism and ethnic bigotry as “outsiders” living in a white protestant world. In essence, an examination of the alienation of the Jewish and African Diaspora will be analyzed in terms of racism and ethnic bigotry in the film Wondrous Oblivion (2003). Wondrous Oblivion is a film that focuses on the alienation of minority groups, such as Hewish and African peoples, in relation to a white hegemonic protestant society in the 1960s England. The white English neighborhood is a the scene of changing class values, which are now allowing people of African descent and Jewish ethnicity to live alongside…

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