The Alchemist Goes Into The Wild Essay

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The Alchemist goes Into the Wild
In literature, there are an abundant amount of themes and life lessons inscribed in between the lines of every individual piece of work. In some works of literature, there are even various themes being exhibited throughout a single book’s story line. In the story, Into the Wild, John Krakauer writes about a boy named Christopher McCandless. McCandless is a boy who aspires to attain more in life than just materialistic values. Since McCandless grew up in a fairly affluent family, he already experienced living a materialistic life. As he grew up, he decided that a materialistic life was not a life he desired to live. Instead, he followed his dream and seized pleasure in living in the wilderness and living a transcendentalist lifestyle. On the other hand, in the story, The Alchemist, Paulo Coehlo writes a story about a boy who decides to follow his personal legend. As a young boy growing up, his parents set him on the path of becoming a priest—although it was contradictory to his aspirations. As he got older, he realized that his calling was to explore the world so he became a shepherd and strived to conquer his personal legend. Both of these stories, although written by different authors with different backgrounds, are examples of stories with multiple themes—one of which is apparent in both stories. The books, Into the Wild and The Alchemist, share a resonating theme of following one 's dreams by defying tradition and by showing the impact of…

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