The Airport Security At Airports Essay

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During this time, it was beginning to become more common to travel to other parts of the world. If a person was to travel across borders, flying, was and still is, the best option. Security at airports in the ‘80s was almost nonexistent and a passenger would only need to arrive at the airport about twenty minutes prior to their departure time (Meltzer). Traveling out of the distance was stress free due to the absence of airport security.
When the Berlin Wall in Germany fell in 1989, countries such as Russia and the Czech Republic became new tourist destinations for many types of travelers (“Introduction to Tourism”). Bali was another destination on the radar of those searching for a nice place to visit. The tourist boom in 1970 caused Bali to begin improving its country’s conditions (“Then and Now”). The same boom that affected Bali also helped out the city of Cancun, Mexico. Cancun began to create arrangements for a tourism industry (“Then and Now”). Traveling abroad appeared to become an attractive idea for many people.
Not every foreign destination was the safest to visit in the 1980s. Brazil developed notoriety for violence and crime due to its debt, which led to its lack of police, schools, and hospitals. Since the ‘80s, Brazil has become more civilized and a safer place to travel (“Brazil Safety”).
Nowadays, it is not rare for families, couples, or friends to feel the need to get away in order to relax. The different kinds of excursions are extensive, and there are…

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