The Airline Reservation System Is Essential Factor For Airline Operation And Decision Making

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The airline reservation system is an essential factor to airline operation and decision making, so it is important to keep the system up to data. In the case, we explored the importance of the airline reservation system, and the difficulties faced by both WestJet and JetBlue. In the meantime, airlines in Australia were also facing the similar difficulties, for example, Virgin Australia.
Sometimes we may face some troubles what you cannot imagine, but we will try bust to fix the problem (Danielle 2013). But even with a clear blue sky, travellers still will be cautioned to expect delays at the check-in desks, with online check-in unavailable and staff switching over to the new Sabre computer system. Sabre will replace both the Navitaire package used for domestic flights since the airline launched as Virgin Blue in 2000, and the Amadeus platform which runs Virgin’s international flights. The Sabre’s integration with other airlines or planes will also make it easier to book a ticket on partner airlines by using frequent flyer points, and have your frequent flyer status carry through on the booking so that partner airlines or planes can immediately recognise a special power such as a lounge access or special entry. This will include the ability to book a frequent flyer reward flyer reward ticket on a journey with more than two legs, such as Adelaide – Sydney (Flynn 2013). Another one benefit: you will be able to get more frequent flyer points and s credits for personal flight…

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