The Air Force Supply Chain Essay

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Despite cradle-to-grave involvement in the Air Force supply chain, logisticians are minimally involved in the mitigation of supply chain cyber threats to the supply chain. Supply chain risk management must be managed at all levels and from all angles to ensure the best protection of Air Force resources, weapons systems, and ultimately National Security. Currently, no single, consistent office of primary responsibility (OPR) exists to specifically mitigate cyber threats to the supply chain at all levels. It is unclear which MAJCOM function should retain responsibility for this office due to the overlapping nature of the threat between Intelligence (A2), Cyber (A6), and Logistics (A4) staff functions. Additionally, the Air Force is still developing policy and training to implement supply chain cyber threat risk management since it is still considered a relatively new threat.
The Air Force supply chain faces an enemy of new proportions. This faceless enemy attacks cyber networks, infrastructure, software, and hardware. A “cyber attack…is the deliberate disruption or corruption by one state of a system of interest to another state” (Libicki, 23). Ultimately, cyber-attacks have the potential to disrupt, deny, damage, and strategically inhibit the Air Force’s ability to effectively execute missions. Figure 4 describes the different types of attackers that pose a threat to the IT supply chain.

“Offensive Cyberspace Operations (OCO) actors can threaten USAF missions…

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