The Aids Crisis And The Failure Of The Us Government Essay examples

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Throughout the 80’s, the AIDS crisis and the failure of the US government to address the problem became the impetus for the unification and diversification of the LGBT movement. The separatism of lesbian feminists dissipated, and both the gay and lesbian communities became more moderate in order to better politically address the new right and fight for health care, marriage equality, rights to abortion, and other discrimination. Furthermore, because the AIDS epidemic worst affected the poor and marginalized LGBT groups in the US, political and activist groups began having a more diverse membership, including racial minorities, bisexuals, immigrants, and transgendered people. This and legal reform oriented community has continued through the 90’s into the present day, with groups advocating the same reforms that were originally addressed because of the events happening in the 1980’s It is impossible to talk about LGBT history in the 1980’s without mentioning the AIDS epidemic. Originally called the Gay-Related Immune Definiciency, the virus began killing people at an exponentially faster rate in the 1980’s than it had in previous decades, but primarily in the LGBT community, with gay men and trans women being most at risk (Stein 144). Because of this, the new right and President Ronald Reagan basically ignored the problem, with Stein stating, “More often than not, Republican leaders expressed far more concern about the spread of AIDS into the “general population” than they…

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