The Aha As A National Organization Essay

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The AHA, also known as America Hospital Association, is a national organization founded in 1899 by eight hospital superintendents from Cleveland, Oh. Originally, the AHA was known as the Association of Hospital Superintendents but, was later renamed in 1906 to the American Hospital Association. The AHA represents nearly five thousand hospitals, healthcare systems, and other providers and an estimated forty-three thousand individual members; making it the leading association for United States hospitals. For the first eight years, the AHA served as a private club only for hospital superintendents with the goal of interchanging ideas, discussing the hospital economy, and other factors. It was not until 1917 that the association broadened its objective to promote the welfare of people, aid in organizations with similar objectives and, most importantly, promote the best efficiency of hospitals. Some ways the AHA plays a role in the health field is collaborating on public policy’s, fostering relevant member services including data activities, research, and educational programs, as well as creating a network of opportunities for peers of the system.

The AMA, American Medical Association, was founded in 1847 by Nathan Smith Davis. Davis himself received his Doctor of Medicine degree in 1837, just a few days after his twentieth birthday, and continued practicing medicine until his passing in 1904. The purpose and mission of the AMA is to provide and advance public…

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