Essay on The Aging Gracefully, By Heidi Godman

1082 Words Jan 16th, 2016 null Page
Ladies and Gentlemen, today I come before you to discuss Aging and staying mentally active. First, I want to tell you about David Snowden who was the director for the Nun Study which involved hundreds of nuns in aging (Belluck, 2001). He wrote the book “Aging Gracefully,” which discusses aging and disease of old age and how the nuns tend to keep their mental faculties even when diagnosed as Sister Mary was with dementia. Sister Mary who donated her brain after she died wanted to continue to educate after she passed. One of the most important things about the research is what the nuns say throughout their lives, that is “we must stay active.” We all know that physical exercise makes us stronger and research has concluded that physical exercise will also lengthen our life as well. The same can be said for mental exercise, the more active our brains are the more alert we are. Heidi Godman, wrote an article called “Which is better for keeping your mind fit: physical or mental activity,” the purpose was to ask if we protect our thinking skills over our physical skills would we ward off dementia, and how is one better than the other? Should we walk more or do more challenging puzzles? Dr. Scott McGinnis at Harvard Medical School provides a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine that tried to answer that question. The study proposed physical exercise combined with computer work or educational DVD’s. After 12 weeks the thinking tests showed improvement to all but did…

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