Essay about The Ages Of Extreme : A History Of The World

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Scarleth Diaz
Professor Mayer
History 104
November 30, 2015
Second Assignment The Ages of Extreme: A History of the World In the novel The Ages of Extreme: A History of the World 1914-1991, the author Eric Hobsbawm tells the reader series of events that happened within those time frames. This 600 page book consist of the development of the entire planet, giving more details into the European affairs. The events are not told year by year but divided into three centuries: Catastrophe (1914-50), the Golden Age (1950-75), and the Landslides (1975 to 1991 and beyond). Eric Hobsbawm refers the chronicles the “short twentieth century” from the outbreak of World War 1 to the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Hobsbawm contrast this period to be 1914-1989 as the “long nineteenth century” from 1789-1914. It is explained that the longer era was filled with prosperity and peace whereas the short period had violence and catastrophe with a short stage of prosperity squeezed into those periods. Eric Hobsbawm explains the three major changes that happened in the world during his lifetime. He also makes remarks, comments, and statements of a Marxist understanding of modern world history. Giving us the reader to get an portrait image of events due to his knowledge of the events and culture that help us shape the century. As the story begins Eric Hobsbawm begins by explaining the importance of World War I. He tells readers how many people at the timing were scared that this war…

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