The Age Should Be Raised By Increasing The Legal Driving Age Essay

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I believe the driving age should be raised by increasing the legal driving age to eighteen. At eighteen you are legally an adult progressing towards adulthood, at eighteen a person can vote, obtain a marriage permit, buy cigarettes, join the military, consent on legally binding contracts, start there own business, move out on there own, at the age of eighteen you become more responsible. Someone who is eighteen can take responsibility for there own actions. I feel driving should be also one of those responsibilities of adulthood because it is a sufficient age for someone to be able to drive a motor vehicle.

In the United States we allow people to get their licenses at a younger age than in most countries, teenagers who are sixteen and seventeen do not realize the importance and responsibility that follows getting a driver’s license. Teenagers sixteen and seventeen years old are more likely to be involved in a car accident then an eighteen-year-old driver. Most fatal crashes with sixteen year-old drivers seventy-seven percent involved driver errors. Some examples include speeding, over steering after veering off the road, losing control of vehicle when faced by a roadway complication that a more mature driver would be likely to handle safely (Davis, Robert). Insurance for all drivers are higher today because of the high number of traffic accidents that are a consequence of teenage drivers. A lot of teens do not obey the traffic laws, many are reckless. At the age of sixteen…

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