The Age of Wonderful Nonsense; Its “Shallow” Flapper and the Other Side I of the Coin the Age of Wonderful Nonsense; Its “Shallow” Flapper and the Other Side I of the Coin

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Milijana Ivo

Survey of American Literature II

Instructor: dr. sc. Biljana Oklopčić

May 4th, 2012

The Age of Wonderful Nonsense; its “Shallow” Flapper And the Other Side I of The Coin

Imagine you were a young woman in the 1920s. World War I is finally over, and you are lucky enough to have survived the horrors of the war, you returned home, live your life to the fullest. You are part of enormous social and economical changes; you gained the right to vote, you date, wear make-up, indulge in reckless parties, the consumer culture thrives; ideals and morals
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She is beautiful, charming, and charismatic. Nick observes that she is “incurably dishonest”, still he somehow is attracted to her and she makes him curious:

The bored haughty face that she turned to the world concealed something—most affectations conceal something eventually, even though they don’t in the beginning—(Fitzgerald 58)

This quotation suggests that Jordan is not a stock character, there are reasons why she behaves the way she does, and we cannot judge her for her cold cynical attitude because she ,obviously has gone through pain in her life and just like Daisy wants to shelter herself from further pain or disappointment. The reader wonders what could possibly have happened to a woman who is ready to go out on a date just hours after the tragedy of Myrtle being killed. It is evidence that she is deeply affected.

Furthermore, Daisy is characterized by Nick as a careless person who smashes things up and then retreats behind her money. We are able to see it best when she chooses to leave town together with Tom, immediately after the accident, not saying a word and leaving Gatsby behind, even though he took all the blame on him. Still, Daisy loved Gatsby. After he went to war she stopped socializing and waited for over a year for him to come back. If she never cared for him, or never had any true feelings, she would not do so. In addition, the reader

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