The Age Of Twelve Driving Essay

1042 Words Nov 9th, 2015 null Page
At the age of sixteen driving is considered a coming of age- a transition from childhood to adulthood. Frequently the older a child gets, the more prepared they are. This does not apply to driving, it is an action not dependent to a certain age, but rather experience. To many American families teen driving is undeniably a privilege. To receive a license as a developing 16 year old one needs guardian permission. If such activity is a privilege to begin with, it should come with certain requirements and regulations. A driving education course will remove any questions and concerns a young driver might experience, ultimately making them farther suitable for the road. With many of the current driving accidents affiliated to teens, we notice young drivers need further training. When such training is implemented prior to receiving ones licence the roads will then become safer and teen parents’ minds will be at ease.

Contrary to popular beliefs driving does not improve with age. Unless this process is continuous, a young and old driver will perform just as bad when driving for the first time. For example a thirty year old will definitely drive better than a sixteen year old, but only if the 30 year old started driving at a younger age. When placing a car into the hands of a first time driver all will perform below average, no matter the age. Keeping this in mind driving is not dependent on age, but rather experience. Experience is what differentiates a good driver from a bad…

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