Essay about The Age Of Twelve Being Pregnant

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Earlier this year an article was published over a young girl in Britain at the age of twelve being pregnant. The baby was conceived at the age of eleven with her boyfriend who was a year older. Both teen parents had a combined age of twenty five. The parents of the girl became grandparents at the age of twenty seven. The couple or the pair had been together for already a whole year. The young girl was five months younger than the previous Britain girl who held the age of the youngest girl that was pregnant. The parents of the young girl claim that the young boy is a good kid as if to imply he is responsible. The two teens intended to stay together and raise the child together. The parents seemed to not be alarmed as I was thinking they would be. The father states, “It is heartbreaking but you can’t turn back time.” He also says “There is no shame…we’re not scroungers and I’ll support the baby.” I perceived it as strange because of how young the girl is but it is still positive that parents of the teens are being supportive of them and turning it into a good thing. Rather than scolding the teens and forcing them to make even more adult decisions, the parents are supportive and one hundred percent behind the teens. They feel this way because they see it as something better than finding out their teen parents were doing drugs or other things that would seem to cause a bit more pain. “There are plenty of routes kids this age can go down. She 's brought something…

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