The Age Of The Penny Papers

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In the 1830s the age of the “penny papers” began. These were newspapers that appeared much like tabloids appear today, but were sold for only a penny which allowed for all members of society to be able to afford to buy them. The papers were mass-produced and inexpensive, making them an instant sensation. For many years after 1830 these papers were found on almost every street corner in America, informing the public about local city events and local crime. For the first time ever, people could buy the newspaper and have information about all the crime that was happening in their neighborhoods at their fingertips. With the popularity of these papers, journalist often found themselves scrounging for news stories in hopes of not disappointing their loyal readers. Therefore, they often exaggerated or sensationalized real crimes to the point where they were poor reflections of the truth. Americans began expecting the most outrageous stories and journalist began delivering them, even if it meant publishing outright lies. As time passed and the popularity of these papers continued to increase journalist became more desperate than ever to produce what the American people were demanding. The American need for sensationalism became so desperate that journalist began creating exaggerated stories from simple, common people, making them into criminals. For these papers to be as wildly popular as they were, evidence of them has not been reflected in literature, as one would…

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