The Age Of The American Revolution Essay

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The individuals behind the American revolution happened to have come from all walks of life. They held a diversity of racial and cultural backgrounds. Tied with their different religious arguments, and their rising mixture of races, these pushed them to form a social difference that at times turned to conflict, yet in the aftermath created some new administrative and social ideals. The colonies started to develop new understandings of the societal, fundamental, and economic liberties not exposed to them in England. Even though this introduced new concepts and inspirations, various pressures and strains started to emerge as well. The apprehensiveness of life in a foreign land pushed these demands to reveal themselves in their new environment, as the settlers struggled to deal. The period from 1700 to 1775 saw a decline in deference to sources of authority in colonial society. The primitive society showed defiance to the imperial power by disrespecting and not submitting to its rule of law. But despite their rebellion, sources of power managed to keep control over their colonies.
During the start of the eighteenth century, the spiritual feverishness in the colonies begun to reduce as more folks were past the ascendance of the churches owing to growth and expansion away from the urban centers. Social concern unavoidably started to emerge. Most of this spun around what turned out to be called the organic ideal. The organic ideal was a shared form of cultural opinions whereby…

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