The Age Of Nine Every Boy Essay

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At the age of nine every boy has questions about his life, I know I did. I would wonder what I could grow up to be what cooties are and why girls are so gross, at that age these were the important things, I didn’t have the answer to those questions. The one question I did have the answer to was why God put my older brother John on earth. The only answer I had was that I must have been someone wicked in a previous life and God was punishing me by creating my older brother John. He was a spawn dredged up from the underworld who every day figured out some little way to make my life a living hell until I reached the age of eighteen.
There was always a power struggle between my older brother John and I, with this struggle came conflict and violence, somewhat like the brothers Cain and Abel, in their story one of the brothers died, ours differs because both brothers survived. John was only two years older than me; you would think that brothers, at this age would get along and try to take care of each other, which was not the case. From a young age, we tried to assert our dominance over one another, neither one would ever be victorious. One would be crying because he was punched or kicked, but within several minutes the law would arrive in the form of mom or dad and the instigator would be punished, we would both be crying in the end.
All summer my older brother and I would be outside playing and exploring as soon as the morning cartoons were over to the time my parents…

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