The Age Of Jackson And The Art Power Analysis

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William Nester, The age of Jackson and the Art Power 1815-1848. Dulles Virginia: Potomac Books, 1956.

The age of Jackson although I felt as if it was a hard book to spot the main argument it was an overall good read and interesting. This book really dives into the life of Jackson and tells him from birth to death. I feel as if Nesters argument was just showing the way at which Jackson personified the era and, as he stated on page 2, was the titan if the thirty-three years from 1815 to 1845 and also how we wielded power. He shows the way that Jackson wielded power that was different for the times on page 3 by saying how that the six presidents before him had nine vetoes between them and all f which were justified by saying that they were
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This is one of the good things that I believe Jackson did somewhat help he didn’t have many good things that he did in my opinion since most of what he did helped someone at the cost of another. Some of the few things I believe that he did that were good was when he invaded Florida and showed just how weak the Spanish was. Although controversial I believe that wat he did even with the trail or tears and all the other things he did that my today 's standards would be horrifying he truly meant for it to help this nation grow and I truly believe that he did it all not only to smite those whom he hated in the Washington elite but because he believed what he did would help this nation and in a way that most would not like to admit it did. Andrew Jackson one of the most controversial presidents was also in the opinion of some he is regarded as the first modern president. This book was an overall challenging read but rewarding to see in depth the life of president Jackson from his birth to the way he commanded his troops then the wy he ruled this country until he

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