The Age Of Jackson And The Art Power Essay

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William Nester, The age of Jackson and the Art Power 1815-1848. Dulles Virginia: Potomac Books, 1956.

The age of Jackson although I felt as if it was a hard book to spot the main argument it was an overall good read and interesting. This book really dives into the life of Jackson and tells him from birth to death. I feel as if Nesters argument was just showing the way at which Jackson personified the era and, as he stated on page 2, was the titan if the thirty-three years from 1815 to 1845 and also how we wielded power. He shows the way that Jackson wielded power that was different for the times on page 3 by saying how that the six presidents before him had nine vetoes between them and all f which were justified by saying that they were unconstitutional and Jackson himself had twelve and the only justification that he gave was that they would damage the nation. Another way or type of power Jackson wielded was his will as stated on page 88 how he went back to politics in 1822 in spite for the mist part for he wanted to bar two candidates from becoming president and the only way he could do that was to win it himself. This books goes in depth abut Andrew Jackson’s life and even though I do believe that he was a major role in the way that we operate today I and many others still see him as controversial. Nester says on page 295 that historians debate how vital Jackson was at the age was named after him. I believe that he was for he is not only one of the most controversy…

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