Essay on The Age Of Information Has Brought Mass Society

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Disease and degeneracy has taken place of the progression promised by the Enlightenment, there is discomfort present within modern society and its streamlining that has led to the world despair and nihilism. Modern mechanical social structure stands responsible for the capacity depletion of humanity to find meaning, and the increased intellectual sophistication is in fact a manifestation of a vane sense of egoism, bound to erupt violently. What was deemed to become the age of information has become the age of miscommunication. Modernism was and is to a large extent the most infectious and violent critical discourse birthed from the Enlightenment and the modern culture industry has brought mass society into a state of passivity – a culture that now “impresses the same stamp on everything” (Adorno, Horkheimer, 1). The world has become interconnected to the point in which individuals have become so alienated and isolated from it’s larger processes that only when an issue is unavoidable that anxiety begins to absolutely posses the mind.
“In bourgeois society capital is independent and has individuality, while the living person is dependent and has no individuality.” (Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, 34) A primal issue which rises out of modernism and must be explored is our false vision of freedom in choice - although we feel that our beliefs belong to us, the dilemma of the enlightenment is that an immutable socially mediated element has caused our ideas to fragment in…

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