The Age Of Infancy By Allama Iqbal Essay

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Childhood and Mother
There is always been a deep relationship between a mother and her child. “The Age of Infancy," a poem by Allama Iqbal, is a poem that explains the relationship between a mother and child and how upon the birth of the child the first thing the child sees is its mother. This poem portrays an example of the depth of the bond between a mother and her child, and what their love for one another can sustain.

“The earth and sky were unknown worlds to me
Only the expanse of mother’s bosom was a world to me
Every movement was a symbol of life’s pleasure to me
My own speech was like a meaningless word to me
During infancy’s pain if somebody made me cry
The noise of the door chain would comfort me
Oh! How I stared at the moon for long hours
Staring at its silent journey among broken clouds”
I would ask repeatedly about its mountains and plains.
This quote is from the poem “The Age of Infancy” has deep meaning expressed in very few words. It demonstrates how nothing is known to a child when he/she is born and comes into the world. The only thing the child knows is his/her mother as she is the first thing the child sees upon being born. The child remembers every moment from the day he/she is born in terms of interactions with its mother. To the extent that when the child is alone and gets anxious, the existence of its mother is the most comforting thing for the child. Even simple things such as hearing a door open could be soothed so that the child knows…

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