The Age Of Industrialization : The Beginning Of The End Of Healthy Humans

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The age of industrialization was the beginning of the end of healthy humans. We live in world where everything has a label filled with ingredients, yet one could only begin to wonder what they’re putting in their mouths. If I asked my grandmother what she put in her soup she will list of an ingredient base that consists of things I’ve seen before; carrots, celery, chicken. But ask my mother and she’ll tell you she bought instant soup from Campbells. Look at those ingredients and they’ll say something like “dehydrated mechanically separated chicken” or “chicken flavor” whatever that could possibly mean. We went from a society that knew exactly what was in our food to a society that could only wonder what the ingredients on a food label were. Our ignorance is not something we have 100% control over, because while we can do our best to avoid anything with a label the celery of our grocery stores today is not just simply celery anymore. In efforts to understand what it is we were really putting in our mouths and how they affected our health, a few documentaries about the food industry were made to raise awareness; Food Inc., Super-Size Me, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, Hungry for Change, Food Matters, just to name a few. And they all pointed out to one thing: The industrialization of food has done more harm than good for the people and continues to plow through our systems, unrestrained, killings us slowly, but surely as we consume more of its productions. As eaters, we…

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