The Age Of Exploration By Sir Francis Drake Essay

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The Age of Exploration was a time in our history of great discovery and adventure. Countries all over the world sent their bravest explorers out into the world to take on new quests and find treasures. One of the most prominent countries in this period was England, which was renowned for its abundance of famous explorers during its Elizabethan Era. Some of the greatest English explorers include Sir Francis Drake, Sir Walter Raleigh, Sir Humphrey Gilbert, Sir John Hawkins, Sir Richard Grenville, and Sir Martin Frobisher. Amongst those explorers, it could be argued that Sir Francis Drake is the most well-known English explorer. Drake sailed the ocean while fighting Spain as well as looting various treasures along the way—Drake truly is one of the most remarkable explorers in history.
There are no known records of Drake’s birth, so it is assumed he was born between 1540 and 1544. He was born in Devonshire as the oldest of 12 siblings. He began his early career as an apprentice to a merchant who traded goods from England to France. Shortly after, he was recruited by his relatives, the Hawkins, who were privateers.
In the 1560s, Drake commanded his own ship, the Judith, along with his cousin. He traveled to Africa in order to take part in the slave trade. He sold these slaves to the Spanish which was against their laws. In 1568, Drake and his cousin got trapped in San Juan De Ulua, but they eventually escaped. The experience left Francis Drake with a great hatred for Spain.

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