The Age Of Digital Technology Essay

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The age of digital technology has continued to expand over the last two decades. With the development of new apps for mobile phones, iPads, iPods and many other technical devices, entertainment is now at consumers finger tips like never before. Prehistorically entertainment was limited to going to a record store to buy Cd’s, Vinyl and cassette tapes or watching television shows and listening to the radio. The introduction of social media platforms, such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has changed the way society consumes information.
The way society has adapted to social media has allowed companies to use it as their main form of marketing, which enables them to be able to appeal to a large audience at any given time. A recent report by Common Sense Media (2015) stated that Tweens and teens spend more that 9 hours a day using social media. The entertainment industry has had to progress with technology due to it becoming more relevant in everyday life, according to Youthesource (2015) teens are constantly sharing their opinions and interests about entertainment, and their overall view of the world via their social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. This means they are becoming marketeers, without even knowing it. This has given the entertainment industry, and other industries an advantage to ensure they are using social media to the best of their ability allowing information to be shared multiple times and on a wide spread platform.

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