The Age Of Creativity And Its Economic Purpose Essay

1815 Words Mar 29th, 2016 8 Pages
Policy makers all over the world have sought an “age of creativity” for its economic purpose. They believe that the emergence and functioning of such an age depends on the health of creative industries. However, there is a boosterish view on the term ‘creativity’, meaning that the creative industries are great but it is also flawed due to the significant and unique difficulties it harbours. This essay will discuss some of the reasons on why I strongly agree with this proposition but will also acknowledge that there are certain limitations that come with it.
To begin with, what is an age of creativity? An age of creativity is a knowledge economy that has moved past manufacturing and focuses solely on creative thinking and innovation. The Creative Industry Task Force has outlined a definition for the creative industries as, “those industries which have their origin in individual creativity, skill and talent and which have a potential for wealth and job creation through the generation and exploitation of intellectual property” (DCMS, 1998). The main idea of this definition is that creative endeavours strengthen the economy, which is the key reason policy makers all over the world have pursued an age of creativity. It is fundamentally about making money. There are some downsides however to this definition as well as upsides. An upside of this definition is that it mainstreams creativity. It brings those industry sectors, enterprises and those people who are creative in this…

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