The Aftermath Of The Cold War Essay

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-The aftermath of the Cold War was a recent and a very important period of time in

history for the development of the countries. In this period of time the political

relationships of the countries in the world were not having their best confidence

moment at all. A lot of spying was going on during those years. The two biggest

powers( U.S.A and the Soviet Union) were having that information battle that we

cannot know a lot more about it. The aftermath of this war determined the stability that

some of the biggest and powerful nations have today. In this stability some things like

the division of the Soviet Union, the postwar in USA and the crisis that the cold war


-The division of the Soviet Union, when some formers of the Soviet Union divided

from the central power, Russia. The Soviet Union goes wrong the second world war but

ideologically strong. Stalin was established in chief of party and government and the

USSR became a great power. His government was a dictatorship, he allowed no

opposition and all those who disagreed with their ideas eliminated chasing and sending

them to concentration camps in Siberia, where practically no longer returned, also Stalin

persecuted those minority of people who wanted to secede from the USSR, as for

example, Ukrainians, Chechens, Caucasians ... and during the cold war Soviet ideology

strengthened against US capitalism. During Stalin's rule and in a few years, the USSR

recovered so that stood up to the US,…

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