The African Methodist Episcopal Church Essay example

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The African Methodist Episcopal Church, founded in 1816 in response to African-Americans being denied access to the Methodist Church because of their race, has been a focal point in black history.
Ray King a former Alabama football player who was raised in the A.M.E church and later pursued teachings to become a pastor in the church. “To begin at the top of the pyramid there is the bishop who would be the president per say. Next there is the presiding elder who would be the vice-president and finally the pastor who’s the chief of staff,” King said.
“The Bishop leads the pastor designation to any church in the conference. Once a pastor is ordained they sign a paper that display agreement to be moved to any AME church in the district,” King said.
“The AME church broke from the United Methodist church because we were slaves when the church originated. Therefore we were not allowed to congregate with the white man.”
“A.M.E. is the oldest historically black denomination. It has been a refuge and a mouthpiece for black people and religion. The shooting that took place at “Mother Emanuel” church in Charleston South Carolina was not just an A.M.E church. “Mother Emanuel” was the church of Denmark Vessey, who organized a major slave revolt. The revolt did not happen because the slave owners found out about it. “Mother Emanuel” was burned and blacks were banned from fellowshipping. Church services had to be held underground,” King said.
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