Essay about The Affordable Health Care Act

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The Affordable Healthcare Act
The Wrong Plan and the Wrong Time
President Obama in March 2010 asserted the revolutionary Affordable Health Care Act (ACA) into law. According to Michael Marcovici in the article You Can Keep Your Doctor: What Nobody Told You About Obamacare, the law known as Obamacare, “came with two objectives.” The first objectives were to increase access to affordable health care services among the great American citizens. The other objective was to serve as check and balance to the rising cost of healthcare services in the country. While, the President termed the policy as the future of American Health; the reality is somewhat far from the sentiments (Marcovici, 46). The plan is simply too expensive for the country 's health budget to handle. As such, the demise of the Affordable Health Care Act is inevitable because of the high cost of health services and drug prices.
ACA was established by the underlying goal to cut down on health care spending by the federal government. Moreover, millions of uninsured Americans would get affordable health care services once the plan came into play. However, data from CMS indicate that spending on national health services by the federal government has been rising. The cost will thus continue to be an issue (Torinus, 124). In an article by the New York Times titled, ‘cost of coverage under ACA to increase in 2015, ' Americans will have to dig deeper into their pockets to maintain their current insurance coverage. The…

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