The Affordable Care Act Of America Essays

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In 2009, President Obama proposed building upon the health care network that we already had through the Affordable Care Act. Socialized medicine was not the way to go. Health care would be disrupted for a lot of people, but it was better to keep what works and fix what doesn’t. He believed that the federal deficit will be reduced greatly within the first decade of this law being implemented.
2010 laid down the law for Americans. The Affordable Care Act was signed into law putting in place comprehensive reforms to improve affordable health coverage access for everyone. This was to protect individual consumers from insurance company’s abusive practices, and to put them in charge of their health care. There is a new Patient’s Bill of Rights under this law that gives the people of America stability and flexibility to make informed choices about health care. This law ends pre-existing condition exclusions for children, keeps young adults covered, insurers cannot cancel you coverage because you made an honest mistake, and guarantees the right of individuals to appeal denials of payment. Costs are supposed to decrease with this law because it ends lifetime limits on most benefits, public justifications must be made by insurance companies before premium increases can occur, and the almighty dollar is spent primarily on health care costs. Changes to covered care were made, such as: preventive care at no cost to the insured, no copayments, protects your right to choose a physician,…

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