Essay about The Affordable Care Act Is A Program

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The Affordable Care Act is a program that helps people get health insurance and make sure that they get the coverage that they need. When something bad happens, people will get covered by their insurance and will be given the option of changing insurance if they aren’t satisfied with the insurance that they have. The ACA was created because the government wants to give its’ citizens the choice to have better health care and it helps out people that don’t have insurance get the affordable insurance that they need. Many people tend not to take advantage of the benefits that the ACA provides for them. Finally every last person who does have health insurance don’t ever have to worry because if they get very sick and get into a really bad accident that they would need to be rushed to the hospital to get emergency surgery, then their hospital bills will be covered because they have health care and never need to have a worry in the world about being injured or hurt in any way possible because Obamacare would be there to help everyone in the world with any problem they might have. Obama Care should remain a law because with Obama Care, people get the necessary health insurance that they need.
The Affordable Care Act was first signed into law by president Barack Obama in 2010. President Barack Obama wanted to make sure that people have affordable health insurance because if anyone needed ever got into an accident or something happened to them, their health insurances would cover it.…

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