The Affordable Care Act For The Mass Of American Citizens Millions Of Man Hours Have Been Expended

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In the quest for affordable health care for the mass of American citizens millions of man hours have been expended. Several plans have been proposed. Some plans, such as the affordable care act have actually made it into law and are being enacted. There is a large political movement to make this happen, often seen as being led by the president of the United States. The leaders, such as Clinton and Obama are just front men. They are puppets of the special interest groups and corporations. There is always money motivating any changes, especially government mandated changes in our country. They are the spokesmen for the changes that are being made. For example, the affordable healthcare act is called Obama Care by the average lay person. People have been told that it is a form of socialization and 2nd to the fact that the president is black made it difficult for people to accept. That’s not racist a racist statement by the author, that’s how a lot of people feel about it. It’s the legislative branch who makes the laws, and the judicial branch who upholds them. These laws are often influenced by special interest groups who lobby to have certain aspects of the laws changed, or new ones enacted. This process starts with people such as nurses on the ground floor working who notice a change needs to be made. They talk to politicians, and the politicians decide if it is in their best interest to expend the man power to lobby the legislative branch (Burkhardt, 2013). According to the…

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