Essay on The Aeneid Is A Latin Epic Poem

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The Aeneid is a Latin epic poem, written by Virgil between 29 and 19 BC, telling the

story of a Trojan hero, Aeneas, the roman’s ancestor. The Aeneid is divided into

twelve books. The first half of the books tells the story of Aeneas’s voyage from Troy

to Italy after the Great Trojan War. The second half of the books tell us the Trojan

encounter with Latin opposition in order to establish themselves in Italy, where

Aeneas’s descendants, the Romans, are destined to live.

How does Virgil’s epic shine a light on Rome’s religious and social values and on the

power of the Great Roman Empire under Caesar Augustus?

The Aeneid was written during the Golden Age of the Roman Empire under, the First

Roman Emperor, Caesar Augustus. Virgil’s goal was to write a myth about Rome’s

origins and underline the power and success of the empire that conquered most of

the world. The Aeneid became Rome’s most famous epic. Virgil showed his praises

for the Roman Civilization throughout the poem.

In Book II, Aeneas describes the fall of Troy as he lived it. He tells the tragic story

and tries to remember all the details: The Greeks built a giant wooden horse with

the aid of the goddess Minerva, where they hided a large number of Greek Soldiers,

including Odysseus. The remaining Greek forces left the ground and made it into the

sea. The Trojans, who went out after seeing the Greeks depart, rejoiced thinking they drove their opponents away and thus winning the war.…

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