The Aeneid Centers On A Man, Aeneas Essay

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Roman Propaganda The Aeneid centers on a man, Aeneas, who travels to search for his new home. When Troy crumbles Aeneas leaves in order to search for Latium, a place set aside by Zeus for the Trojans to begin the Roman Empire. While attempting to reach home Aeneas finds himself in various situations that lead up to a climax later in the poem when Aeneas reaches Latium and must battle the Latins in order to retain his claim to the land. This poem focuses on a hero who follows the normal path of an epic work of poetry, but Virgil accomplishes more than simply pushing a plotline forward. He also cleverly sews nationalistic messages into The Aeneid by displaying the gods’ favor and Aeneas’s virtues. At first it may appear that The Aeneid centers solely on the actions of a unique hero. However, upon delving deeper into the poem, the reader discovers that there are reasons to believe that Virgil wrote the poem as a piece of propaganda by creating a hero who represents a nation. Aeneas is a unique hero in the sense that he is much different from his predecessor, Odysseus. While Odysseus behaves much more emotionless, Aeneas is poignant. When Odysseus meets his mother in the underworld, he appears upset, but he fails to cry for his dead mother. He tries to embrace her, and when he is unable to touch her he laments briefly. In total, Odysseus’s conversation with his mother lasts only two pages (Homer, 11.205-27). In contrast, Aeneas’s conversation with his father contains a…

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