The Advertisement Of Mcdonald 's Advertisement Essay

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The advertisement I will be discussing is a 30-second McDonald 's commercial that was originally shown in Spanish-speaking TV in the United States. The commercial shows a father with his teenage daughter and son, sitting around a table at McDonalds. The daughter proceeds to asks her father who his favorite daughter or son is, and he answers by explaining that he loves them both equally while comparing them to food items in their table. This advertisement aims to convince the audience that McDonald’s is not only a family place, but also a cheap and delicious alternative. As it is usual in their commercials, “low” prices appear on the screen at the end, as a way to consolidate the message or just in case the scene wasn’t convincing enough. The intended audience of this advertisement is the Latino community and specifically parents. The advertisement shows a father, his daughter, and his son, sitting around a table at McDonald’s. That scenario creates a sense of warmth and family love that the audience is ultimately going to associate with McDonald’s. One of the first things I noticed is that the family seems racially ambiguous. As we know, Latinos in the United States, vary in their appearance, so their racial ambiguity helps attract a larger portion of the Latino community. Just the concept of using a family is relevant as the Latino community is known to be family oriented. This advertisement uses mostly ethos and pathos to persuade the audience. A…

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