The Adverse Role Of Attitude In The Workplace

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Role of attitude in the workplace
Business Management -Level 7
DAB. 717. Developing Management Skills
Assessment Number 3
Teacher: Daphne Chan
Student: Noelia Terra
November 27th, 2017.

Role of Attitude in the workplace.
Within a workplace there are many human attitudes which have different effects on every person. Each of these actitudes help to develop the workplace environment and could determine workplace morale.
In this paper, the main topic to consider is workplace attitude, including positivism and negativism, but also, how attitude can affect work and productivity and how the workplace environment is affected by a negative or positive attitude from an employee or employer. (George N. Root III,
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Overall a positive attitude have a positive impact on the productivity of a company and vice versa. Companies update work procedures frequently provocating changes on work environments, as well as introducing new technologies, new products and new customers. employees with a positive attitude toward a change will take changes as welcome and will see it as a chance to improve their own skills. As a consequence, they adapt to change more faster than someone with a negative attitude, decreasing the time that undertake to put in action in a prolific …show more content…
Bad attitudes within a workplace will decrease the performance of the whole group of workers, but also will deliver to have unhappy customers. Observing and identifying who is the person (s) causing problems is a good way to start making changes to improve the environment. Bad attitudes includes laziness, tardiness, rudeness, rumor mongering or any other attitude or activity that lowers overall morale, but bad attitudes can result from adverse events as firing, salary decreases or small problem between employees.
The decreasing on the performance of the staff could come from a bad attitude of a single employee. One employee begins complaining, the complaint can spread to the rest of the workers and can also decline performance. Managers occupate an important role as their attitude could ruin or enrich the workplace and workers performance. Negative attitude can have destructive effect on productivity and performance causing the apathetic and despondent employees, mistakes are most likely to occur and will make the production line

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