The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn Essay example

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The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn Essay
Theses- Adventures of Huckleberry Finn can relate to everyone
Road map - Characters, Themes Characters of the book are is what make up the hole book. Without them there would not be anything to a book. Charatoures leads the reader throughout the adventures of a book. The reads of book create relationships with the characters and find similarities with themselves and other.
Huck finn is a 13 year old boy whose clothes are the worn-out rags that no one wants anymore. He does not bath, has no bed, and does not get regular food. He does not attend school or church, and has no responsibilities. All of these thing listed are thing that all of the kids around him have and think is normal. With not having and doing the same things causes him to be an outcast. Huck even conducts himself as an outcast. Until Mr. Jones the Welshman let 's Huck into his home. This was special because Huck has never been invited into anyone 's house. “When we got up stairs to his room, he got me coarse shirt and a roundabout and pants of his,and I put them on. While I was at it he asked me what my name was” (Pg.74 Chapter 18) this makes him feel like she is a part of something and fits in but in the back of his mind he know that he does not. But people can relate to that feeling of being an outcast in some way. Which cause people to love huck as a charter and fell like that they have a little of huck in himself.
Tom Sawyer has grown up pretty…

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