Essay on The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain

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In Mark Twain’s fiction novel, The adventures of Huckleberry Finn, there are plenty of villains that Huck meets floating down the Mississippi River. These villains shape Huck throughout the novel making him a better character by overcoming the obstacles that these villains put in front of him. The obstacles that the villains present Huck force him to make moral decisions, define who he is as an individual, and stand up for what he believes in. From the beginning Pap’s abusive nature has made Huck better as a person. Huck values education because he has seen someone without any. “ I didn’t want to go to school much before but I reckoned I’d go now to spite pap.”(Twain 23) Huck has seen how sad and blind a uneducated life is. He is determined not to have the same fate as pap and this has forced him to be better. Throughout Huck’s raising Pap has shown him what not to do. This also applies with Hucks disregard for money “No sir, I says, I don’t want to spend it. I don’t want it at all-nor the six thousand nother”(Twain 16) . He knows how awful greed can make a person so he avoids money all together. He knows because he has been the victim of Pap abusing him over money. Paps abuse and almost killing Huck forces him to be clever and find ways to survive. “I took the axe and smashed in the door - I beat it and hacked it considerable while a-doing it”(Twain 33). When knew that if he stayed in the cabin Pap would eventually kill him. He learns he has to do whatever it takes to…

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