The Adventure Of The Speckled Band Essay

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In “The Adventure of the Speckled Band” Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote an Intriguing foul play mystery. This story takes place in early April of 1883 in England at Stoke Moran. Helen Stoner and Julia stoner lived with their stepfather, Dr. Grimsby Roylott. In this story Helen stoner’s sister, Julia Stoner, mysteriously died. Two years later, Helen was seeking assistance from Sherlock Holmes and, his trusty assistant, Dr.Watson. Helen had heard the low whistle her sister had described to her. Helen immediately left her house. She went straight to Sherlock’s home. Helen Stoner feared for her life as she was about to become married. Her sister miraculously died a fortnight before her own wedding; therefore Helen feared as though the same misfortune would happen to her. Helen desperately wanted Sherlock’s aid; hence she wanted to feel secure again.
Two years after the death of Helen’s twin sister, Julia Stoner, Helen heard a low whistle that sounded similar to the whistle she heard the night of her sister’s death. Helen felt as if she was going to perish just as her sister had. Helen turned to Sherlock and Dr.Watson for assistance. She explained to them everything that had happened. Helen informed them about how Dr. Roylott had moved her into Julia’s room. That was when she heard the low whistle in the middle of the night. She told them about how her stepfather was not liked by the community. She told the about how he was abusive. In India someone had robbed his home. He had…

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