The Adventure Filled Journey Of Simba, The Lion King Essay

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The adventure-filled journey of Simba, the Lion King is one of the most inspiring film produced by Walt Disney. This non-fairy tale animated feature swept the hearts of viewers through the idea of modern day conflict verses the typical fairy tale stories such as the little Mermaid, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella and etc. The underlining idea of these films was prince marrying a princess, true love through one magical kiss, and then a happily ever after ending. Now we all know that the world does not work that way and the only way that we can get our happily ever after is through hard work and dedication. When the lion king was released in 1994 the film grew lots of attention because the world was changing to be as we know it; women were beginning to be view as more independent. The idea of a damsel in destress was no longer the image of society. As Disney recognized this change, the decision of a more original idea was constructed which resulted in personable characters. The overall story of the Lion King is a lion cub 's journey to adulthood. In my opinion, the movie addresses the hero journey and tricksters that cannot be trusted.
According to Joseph Campbell, the adventure of Simba goes hand in hand with the hero’s journey. Simba can be viewed as a hero because he ventures out and then comes home changed and ready to take his place in the circle of life. He risks his life on behalf of the pride and was successful able to save everyone. Joseph Campbell,…

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