Dress Codes: A Comparison Of Public And Private Schools

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Education is a very vital issue in today’s society. People try to provide their children with the best suitable education they are able to find. When parents are making the decision to either send their kids to a public or a private they basically looking at the main factors the schools has to offer such as transportation, cost, curriculum and class size. If a parent is going to send their children to a private school the amount of money the school will be charging that parent is usually well worth it for most private schools. Public schools are offers their student a lot of diversity. while as private schools provide more opportunities. When it comes to comparing and contrasting the benefits and drawbacks of both schools there are …show more content…
Private Schools uniforms are mandatory which means that children are not given the freedom to express themselves through their clothes like they would want to.The dress code includes having a certain hair style, uniforms should be clean, and boys please shave and dress professional like you are going to an interview. The discipline policy rule is very different when comparing both schools. Private school set their standard high because they want to help their students succeed and they provide better service to help train their student in order to excel. Students that goes to university after high school are much more in private schools than public schools because public schools has more students drop …show more content…
There are a lot more numbers of students that are always tardy, absent, student apathy, lack of parents involvement in the school, drop out, and disrespectful to the teachers in public schools then in private schools, in public school most students feels like they are only going to school because their parents are making them come. Public school mix their student 's schedule with graduation requirements and electives courses. Violence in public school is a top priority for administrators.No weapon, drug or alcohol is a rule that applied to both schools. Private school are safe for all students because access to campuses is being monitored and controlled and also Because they have fewer students so it is a lot easier to supervise the school. Both schools also have the safety of each and every one on their students in

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